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Subsea Inspection & Survey
  • “Eyes on” observational tasks.

  • Pipeline surveys

  • Port and harbour facilities, inspection of jetties, harbour walls, piers and moorings ect.

  • Underwater non destructive testing/survey

Underwater Observation Services
  • Observation class ROVs

  • All required tooling

  • Access to customised ROV vessels

  • Both raw and edited survey video footage offered

  • Real-time video feed and direct input with ROV Pilot

ROV Training Courses
  • The course meets and extends the requirements of IMCA RO4 (IMCA C 005 Rev.3) for Pilot Technicians Grade 2.

  • We run 3 and 7 Week Courses, depending on the students technical background.


Blue Rover specialise in underwater inspection, survey and observation. Using our inspection class ROVs we provide high quality underwater survey operations in all locations, safely and cost effectively.

We operate with a fleet of inspection class ROVs which can be fitted with a wide range of  inspection and intervention tools to meet your specific requirement. Tooling includes Grabbers, Manipulators, Sonars, UT(Ultrasonic Thickness) and CP (Cathodic Protection). Non-standard tooling can be designed and built to your requirements. We also have experience with ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) and FMD (Flooded Member Detection) type equipment.


Live video can be provided during operations. Both edited and raw recorded video are supplied post project, with written reports by our 3.3u/3.4u Engineers or Marine Surveyors if required.

Based on the UK’s South Coast we have offices in Southampton and representatives worldwide. With our proven logistics experience, we can mobilise afloat with a customised ROV support vessel or across the UK and international as required.


Services available include: -


            *          “Eyes-on” observational tasks

            *           Pipeline, cable and mooring surveys

            *           Port and harbour facilities, including the                                 inspection of jetties, harbour walls piers                                   and moorings

            *           NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and surveys

            *           Offshore Windfarms, Tidal Energy                                            Installations

            *            Vessel hull Inspections and                                                      cleaning,including UWILD

                         (Under Water Inspection In lieu of                              Dry-Docking)

            *           Search and recovery

            *           Salvage and damage inspection

            *           ROV training

            *           Experimental equipment testing


If our services are of interest, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. The team at Blue Rover will be happy to discuss your specific project




ROV Sales

Blue Rover are authorised Sales, Service and Rental Agents for DWTEK:-

Investigator 90, ROV

Underwater LED Lights

Underwater Cameras


Digital Servo Rotator

Lock Latch

All sales and rentals are fully supported by     Blue Rover service and training

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I30 1 (002).png
     DWTEK  i30
DWTEK Lock Latch




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